Thursday, February 14, 2013

friday fragments - a day early.

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here.
My Friday Fragments is a little early.  It is explained at the end.
** Happy Valentine's Day - Always enjoy this day because Joel writes me the sweetest poem every year.  I need nothing else.
**Phil had an eye appointment yesterday.  He drove home to show us the 5 sample frames he had.  He came by my office first and we picked out some nice blue frames.  He goes by his dad and this is the picture they sent me of the one he likes.  Really not a big fan, he has to wear them but then I have to look at him.
**Have to change my style of eating for my health - meaning more fruits, veggies and protein.  Found a recipe online that I have to share.  Oven @400 and turkey pepperoni.  Place them on a cookie sheet and bake for 5 minutes and you have pepperoni chips.  Yum and double Yum Yum with salsa.
**Joel and I are going on a little 30 hour get away.  Heading to our sister state Illinois to visit the IKEA store. Can't wait to check out this home store that we have heard so much about.  Told Joel maybe we should rent a U-Haul.  He just rolled his eyes at me.  Saturday we are going to the Shedd Aquarium and then check out Navy Pier.  We are both looking forward to getting out of town for just a little bit.  Also happy to be going there because my photo challenge this week is a night picture. 
Enjoy your weekend !!!



  1. We've got an IKEA not far from us. They are fun! Hope you have a great mini-trip.

  2. I've started taking my digi camera along when I try to select new frames like that. I can't SEE how I look in them pre-lenses, so I have the gal snap my picture, put my OLD glasses back on, and look to see which I like.

    It has saved me from HUGE disasters!

  3. Small vacations can be sanity savers. I took a 24 hour trip with a group of ladies a few weeks ago. Enjoyed every moment.

  4. Hope your trip was worthwhile! I love IKEA and the closest one to us is about 3 hours away... I always buy too much...


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