Friday, November 16, 2012

friday fragments

I'm joining Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments. You can join in here
  • Joel and I have a new favorite soup, Lentil.  We also enjoy this because we think of the people who introduced us to this yummy dish.  Our visit we had in Arkansas with blogging friend Sara and her husband Steve. 

  • I have been making hats for the hospital nursery.  Love making the flowers, they really just add the finishing touch.  But they ( the nurses) ask where are the little boys hats?  My co-worker gave me some blue and white yarn.  Guess I will try a few of those, without a flower of course.

  • Getting excited for our annual Advent by Candlelight on Sunday night at church.  I have 9 ladies from  invited to my table.  I guess you could call my table a Pinterest table.  Lots of burlap, red gingham, coffee beans, red linen napkins and all glass ware.  I am sure there will be a picture.

  • Get in my car yesterday and turned the key and did not hear the sound of the engine but instead a awful grinding noise.  New battery !!! 

Have a weekend full of blessings. 



  1. That's too funny! Our van just clicked when hubby tried to start it. We believe it's the starter.

    Do you crochet or knit the hats. I'd love to see a picture of one. I'm wanting to make a hat for my honorary granddaughter who is 4 months old.

    Hope you have fun at your Advent by Candlelight Sunday.

  2. Hi LuAnn, Are you new to FF or did you make a new blog header, or why don't I remember you from before?? Maybe I'm just old and senile. Hehehehehe

    Welcome, I think you'll LOVE FF, I know I do.

  3. Love you make hats for little ones... I know that's so appreciated!

  4. So sweet of you to make hats. We had the same thing happen with our car not too long ago

  5. You could add a little football to the boy hats :)

    I think a word fell out of this sentence: "I have 9 ladies from invited to my table." Curious to know what you meant. I love Pinterest and have managed not to become addicted.

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  6. Oh, and I love your header, btw.


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