Monday, September 24, 2012

meet Thelma and Louise

What a great day to take a drive in WI. 
It was in the low 70's, sunny, just a great September day.
I wanted to take Diane for a ride after work.
Have you ever seen the movie Thelma and Louise? 
Neither one of us has but we do know it deals with two friends, they drive in a convertible, wear scarves, big sun glasses and drive over a cliff. 
When I picked her up I had a scarf for each of us.  And we did all of the above except the cliff.

Thanks for the giggles Diane !!!!


  1. I think we needed bright red lipstick....we'll have to go again!

  2. What fun - I'm glad you skipped the driving over a cliff part :)

    I liked the movie, but (I'm being protective here) I'm pretty sure I wouldn't recommend it for a pastor's wife.

  3. What a hoot! Glad you stayed away from cliffs. :)


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