Friday, August 17, 2012

moving day

Today was moving day for Philip.
What a fun day for everyone.  Two moms, a dad and three boys putting a place together. 
We ( the moms) organized their kitchen for them.  Phil was more concerned about the hanging of his bats and hats. 

Also, thankful for a first floor apartment with patio doors for easy moving.

 Trying to figure out his microwave.
Bats and
 hats.  I think his obsession with hats comes from his dad and grandpa.
The cable guy was there.  Their T.V. was working and they were checking out the internet connection.


  1. How fun is their new place?!

    Hugs to you as I'm sure this day is bitter-sweet!!

  2. WOW! How fun! Love those big smiles and the new place, it looks great! Praying for all of you in this big transition!

  3. Looks like some happy boys! I love the bats and hats!


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