Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maria and Tom got married

This is Maria - what a beautiful bride !!!
Tasha the bridesmaid. ( she is getting married next August)
I have known these two girls since they were in 6th grade.  They were good friends of our daughter.
Maria's brother Trevor and Philip are also good friends. They will be rooming together in just a few weeks.

 Her poor dad had just a bit of a hard time walking her down the aisle. 
Do you see Joel in the front?
Elizabeth actually introduced these two at the ball park. 
The girls were watching their brothers play ball and Tom showed up.
The rest they say.... well you know how it goes.  7 yrs later we have this picture.
 In two weeks we move these three into their apartment. 
Phil and Trevor are both going to the police academy.
The big guy in the middle is in the firefighter/paramedic program.

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  1. I wish Elizabeth could have been there!

    Green in all shades is the "in" color, I'm noticing.


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