Wednesday, August 8, 2012

getting Phil organized & the empty nest

Oh my, where did our summer go???

I can't believe we are getting all of Phil's things together for is big move.
Is he excited to be moving into an apartment with two buddy's????
Ummmm yes - very excited.  What almost 19 yr old boy wouldn't be.
And me how do I feel - I am excited for him.  This is just another step, right?
You care for them as babies, grab them when they take their few steps, play in the sandbox with their trucks, take them to their first day of kindergarten, buy their first pair of baseball cleats, scrub the grass stains out of their uniforms, hold the bucket for them when they are sick, laugh at their jokes, pray for them constantly, pray for them when they leave the driveway for the first time and you are not in the car,cheer for them, support them, listen to them.  And then all of the sudden they are walking across a stage in front of their family and friends having their name called and receiving their high school diploma. 

Oh people told me this time would fly especially when they get to high school.  I guess I didn't know that a blink and it was done. 
My baby boy, child, teenager, young man and now adult is ready to move on to the next step. 
I couldn't be prouder of him !!!!
I am also thankful that he is only 50 minutes away.  I told him when ever he comes home I will be happy to do his laundry. 

Quiet, lower food bill, the hustle and bustle, boys coming and going through my front door, sitting around the kitchen table talking and getting the shout "hey mom" when he needs something.  Am I going to miss him YES !!!! 
But this is the Lord's plan.


  1. I feel your pain.....:). Diabe

  2. I almost texted you two days ago asking if you were ready for this - I thought I was but as it gets closer, my stomach feels more sick! On the other hand, both girls are so happy and excited for the future. Abbie in her 1st apartment and starting her grad program and Jordyn leaving for college for the 1st time and what lies ahead. God bless them all - and us as we adjust! Love ya! Gailann

  3. I knew it was almost time - such a hard time, but yet it's something I know you want. As you said, this is God's plan, and what you raised Phil to do.
    I'll be praying for you as you prepare. In my experience with Andy in the Army, it's those count down to leaving days that are the hardest. For me it's actually easier once he is gone.


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