Monday, July 23, 2012

day four

We took Aunt Nan and Uncle Hugh to the Hand's On Art Studio. 
Their first experience and I think they enjoyed it!!
We decided to paint today.

I'm doing a plate for my plate rack.
 They worked on a platter together.
 These projects are hard to imagine that they will really look like the way the paint shows up on the tiles.
They need to be glazed and fired yet.
Wait to see the after pictures tomorrow. 
 It was soooooo hot when we got back all I wanted to eat for lunch was cheese curds. 
 (Sara - I am bringing you some of these.)
It was a very hot afternoon so we spent the good part of the afternoon floating on blue rafts.
Did I mention it was windy too?
We took a larger sailboat out and had near spillage several times.  Glad to bring it into shore.
This poor little boat had tipped over. 
Made squash for the grill, beef tips in the crock pot, rice and Joel's aunt made a salad.
We actually too the food down the hill to their place, it was much cooler.There is no a/c here.

 For dessert we had MI peaches that I canned last summer and raspberries from their garden.


  1. Fun! I love the plate making and can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. I love painting like that!! oh my word, you just made my day...I get cheese curds?!!!! It was so hot here yesterday that I decided to take a dip in the I floated on the raft it was literally too hot to take. ugh!


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