Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the washer game

We played this washer game at a graduation party.  It was so much fun Joel took measurements of the box before we left the party. 
The best part is that we had all the supplies at home except for the washers. 

Joel put together this cute box.  I of course spray painted the cans and washers.  Our washers are blue and white.  He screwed the can to the bottom of the box, filled the can 1/2 way full of sand and the bottom of the box. 3 pts in the can, 2 pts in the box and 1 pt if on the outside of the box. 

Thinking my family will enjoy this game on the 4th of July and my brother will get the brackets ready.

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  1. Seems similiar to horseshoes... should be fun! (dc)


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