Wednesday, June 13, 2012

37 days and counting

37 days - does it seem too far ahead of the game to count down a vacation. 
Not in this house !!!

This will be our 9th summer at this wonderful place we call paradise.
It doesn't get much better than this...  Pull in the place, stop to pick up your key, unload all the rubber maid containers of food, clothes, and beverages.  That's it, the beds are made, clean dishes in the cupboards and very soft towels.  We just walk in and unload - love it. 

When we are here is there is much time spent at the lake on a lawn chair, reading a book, soaking up the sun, floating on a blue raft, sailing in the boats that are there for you and of course catching up with Joel's aunt, uncle and cousins.  It is so fun to have them there with us.

Then the food.  Fun things we have as tradition that we really only eat when we are there.  Kabobs with shrimp and fresh veggies, puppy chow, wraps & cut out sailboat cookies. 

We love Fred and Fuzzies, it is a great place for dinner and watch the sunset. 

Picking cherries from the orchards.

Then there is Malibu Moo's.  Huge shaved ice and ice cream mixed on a cold stone.  YUM!!!
This is another place to go in the evening to watch the sunset and see all the gigantic boats docked at the pier.  Really, I think some of them are larger then my home. 

Wilson's, I feel like I am Mrs. "C" from Happy Days stopping at Arnold's for lunch.  (Am I dating myself)

It is just a week of food, fun, water, sun, family and relaxing !!!
Only 37 more days , well almost 36 now. 


  1. I know you are looking forward to relaxing!!! the time will fly!

  2. Oh that looks right down our alley - we love to be by the water & chill.

    I am going to have to do the picture frame thing - I'm drafting my first love note to Mike now :)


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