Friday, May 18, 2012

this is the last

 For the last 9 months I have been doing many lasts, last football game, homecoming, prom, Christmas concert, parents day etc.....
But today is really the end, the last day of school.
Joel and I will be heading to school in just a little bit for chapel and they say good-bye to the seniors.
(I already have the purse fillied with kleenex.)

I know he is ready to be done with this phase of his life.  He is ready to move on.
  He is so excited to be graduating next Sunday, having  family here from MI, MN, WI and TX to celebrate with us.   

I gave him a hug good-bye this morning, he got in his truck, watched him drive away and I cried.

Dad and I are very proud of the man you became Philip!!!!

Love you !!!


  1. Oh, Phil!! I'm getting all teary. How is he that old already?? I hope he had a fantastic last day!

  2. All those lasts will soon be followed by firsts! They are all things you dream of, but it's so hard to see them grow up! Congratulations to Phil - and to you and Joel for raising a fine young man!


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