Friday, May 4, 2012

the room is finished

The room was all about the generosity from my neighbor Peggy, recyling what I had, Goodwill and lots of black spray paint. 
The first few pictures are what Peggy gave us.  I just don't know how to thank her. 

First is this beautiful couch.  She got a new one and asked us if we would like this one. WOW!!!
It came yesterday and after finally figuring out how to get this monster in our house- here it is. 
We just love it !!!!

 Along with the couch came the snazzy lamp. 
Some greenery.    Had a Pier One gift card - got the plate behind the greens for $3.
 And this whomping candlesticks.  She had gotten tired of these things and was so glad to pass them on to me.  Got the candles on clearance at Pier One. I had the star and spools.
Just one big Thank You to Peggy for all her awesome things.

I had these pictures but in another room of the house.  When we go to Door County in the summer these are some of are favorite spots to visit.
 This table was pine & this is where I started  became obsessed with the spray paint.  It has almost became a joke in this house about me spray painting everything.  It is great what a can of this is able to do all for $2.99. (Love Menards)
We also replaced the carpet. 
This special little pot Philip brought home the other day that he made in pottery class.  Thought is would be a great place to keep one pair of my glasses since I am always losing them.
 On that table is one of my all time favorite pictures of him. 

Found this at Hobby Lobby.  Just simple.
 Here is a full view of the mantel. 
 Again with the Pier One gift card found these cute wooded balls.  Then of course I had the basket-more spray paint.
 Had all of these things already.
Joels great grandparents rocker.  I recovered the leather cushion and a friend made the pillow.
 Lamp $5 at Goodwill and I had the shelf.  Black spray paint on both.
I had everything in this cubby already.  Just looks so different when you change things up.
 A friend had this vase in my rummage sale .25 cents, more spray paint and dried flowers from my mom.
That is it.  Finished, completed, done etc.... We just have one wall yet to hang stuff. 
We sat there last night, looked around at everything and felt that this was a cozy space. 

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  1. Oh wow! I just love what you've done! The couch is so nice, but all the added touches make the room. Good job!


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