Thursday, April 19, 2012

prep, prep and more prep

5 weeks from Sunday my little boy will be graduation from high school. 
You know the prep that goes into such a thing, invitations, menu planning, making some home improvements and the list goes on.  Sometime I think it is crazy what we are all trying to do.  But this project had to be done !!!  Our garage.  In Wisconsin we tend to have large parties in our garage.  It just works best for large groups.  We moved in this house almost 7 years ago and the paint color in the garage (walls and ceiling) almost hurt our eyes. It is that pretty green you see.  My day does not seem complete without a paint brush or roller in my hand.  We got a good part of it done but still have to tackle that ceiling. 

I did find a little time to run to Menard's for more spray paint.  Then made a quick stop at Pier One, just looking for a few little things to complete that family room. 
Isn't this cute???  I really like it because we have a family joke about door knobs.

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