Thursday, April 5, 2012

it all started with a couch....

We have some very generous neighbors that live across the street from us.
She is quite the bargain shopper. When she finds something new for her home I will most likely get a call if I would like the old.  And it really is not old at all. 

I got one of those calls last week.  She is getting a new couch and would we like the old one.
I  stood in her home and cried.  Yes we need a new couch, the one we have we bought used 6 years ago, holes in the arms and just plain worn out.  As I was leaving she handed me a lamp that went with it too.
What a HUGE blessing for us.

She gave me a pillow to take home because I knew we would have to paint.
We had the red-beige thing going on in this room.  The new couch is black/taupe/beige.
We have to change the wall colors.
The was red above the fireplace, I had to prime the base of the walls because that was bare paneling and found some clearance curtains for only $8.00. 

We have about 4 weeks to get this room in order before her couch is delivered. 
The company will also walk our couch across the street.

So why not start this during Holy Week. 
One of the busiest times of the year in our house. 
It's o.k. I am painting in between church service.

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