Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3 more days till opening day

You all know how much Joel and I "LOVE" watching Philip play baseball. He started the summer after 1st grade and has played ever since. 

We have been having a count down till the first game.
The team plays ball on Friday night and a doubleheader on Saturday.
Actually I feel like a kid before Christmas because I am so excited for this season to start.
It will also be bitter sweet because this will be his last year.
I am going to savor every minute.
Many pictures to follow.


  1. I'm counting down too - although I'm not sure the Braves will do very well this year. Maybe the Reds will go somewhere - people are happier at work when the Reds do well :)

    Boy I remember going to my brother's games & how my mom lost her voice EVERY time. Good memories.

  2. Awww...his freckles are so cute!! Since 1st grade?? That is a LOT of baseball...he will always look back and appreciate the hours you and Joel put in on the field in support.

  3. Great shots of him! I know there are some good times ahead for you!


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