Tuesday, February 7, 2012

there's nothing some paint can't fix

This is the wall our "BIG" piano was on.  Since we got rid of it it has been fun figuring out what to do with the furniture.  I found this mirror on clearance at Menard's for only $14.99.  But this large wall still looks a little empty.  So I was checking out Pinterest.
It seems the new thing to do and is very inexpensive is painting old things to make them look new.
So where do you go - Goodwill.
You will see my find in the next picture.

Sconces for only .99 a piece.  I am thinking some white paint and they will look great next to my mirror.


  1. I'm certain you will work wonders with them!

  2. What a deal! You'll have to show the finished product!


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