Sunday, February 12, 2012

faux pictures

I guess you could say I am a commercial for Wal-Mart and their faux pictures. 
I am so excited about these two pictures that I got done from there.
They have three different sizes, a $10 off coupon on line, you get them back in just a couple of hours and you can download from home and order. 
It looks like canvass put it is a faux finish.  I love how it wraps around the edge too.

The people at Wal-Mart are so funny.  They did not want to do the first picture of Joel and my hands because they need permission from the professional photographer.  Oh, they made me laugh.  I explained to her that I took the picture and I had to sign a waiver.  Really...????

I would say this is a must to try especially with the $10 off.  I got 12x12 and an 11x16.  With the $10 off each one cost $9.96.  I couldn't get the picture enlarged and framed for that price. 

Let me know if you try it !!

I took this one of Phil sitting on that bucket while his team was batting.
Love the little bit of blue that is on his shoes.


  1. I really like these! The one of yoru hands does look professional. I'm going to see if I have a place to put something like this.

    1. Mari - I am sure you must have a few of Alaina around :)

  2. Very nice! I especially like the one of Phil's feet. It leaves it up to the viewer to figure out what the story might be.


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