Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Be still.......

Tomorrow my dad has his bypass surgery.  I know he has been having anxiety and that is so to be expected.  This whole heart thing has been going on for 6 months, he is ready to get this done and let the healing process begin.

While I have been thinking about him I think about this bible passage "Be still and know that I am God...I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10

To be still in one's soul is to relax and let God be God.  It is to listen quietly to God's promises and believe them.  It is to be confident that God will solve our problems for us.  We need to sit back with quiet confidence and let Jesus be the star.  It is to be overwhelmed by God's love at Jesus' manager, cross and empty tomb.  It is to know that there is nothing we could ever add to the good news that Jesus has saved us.  It is to bow humbly before Jesus and  breathe a quiet "Thank you."

As my dad feels stressed he needs to close his eyes and be very still. 

We know the Lord will take care of all his needs.

Love you dad - be happy for you when the surgery is done and you can be home recovering.


  1. Praying for your dad and you! will you let me know how it all goes tomorrow?

    I also needed to hear these words. I am stressing over my son.....thanks.

  2. Praying for peace and comfort for your Dad tonight and will be praying for all of you tomorrow!
    Maybe you can update on Facebook? Thanks!

  3. Praying praying praying!!

    Such a great photo of your dad with Phil. SUCH handsome men!

  4. Hope all went well. I LOVE your dad's tie in that photo :)


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