Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's a great day ...

Today was my last birthday in the 40's.  My son was a little mixed up and told people I was 50 today - oops.  I told him he needs to make a correction to those people.

I had a great day at work, we all brought food and ate most of the day.  Then my boys took me to one of my favorite places for dinner.  We all love the Chicken Enchilada soup and my favorite Pecan Crusted Chicken.  Was nice just to have time to catch up ( even though we all live in the same house).

The bracelet above is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and I wear it everyday. Each one has a special meaning.  I got a few need beads - the teapot and the one at the end.  You can see the I love you and on the other side it says love you more. 
This is what we do with the phrase in our home. 

Another fun thing is getting all the calls and texts from family and friends.  I always try to be the first to call for others birthdays.  My niece Katie won that - 6:15 a.m.   My parents were right after that at 6:30 a.m. 

I am thankful for the 49 years of Grace the Lord has given me, family, friends and health.  I look forward to the years ahead to see what the Lord brings into my life. 


  1. I texted you at 5:42 a.m.... :) I think I won... you KNOW how I hate to lose! lol

  2. Gorgeous bracelet. I have always wanted one.

  3. happy belated!! i love your bracelet!

  4. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! I am so thankful to have you in my 'blog' life. :) You are a special and sweet lady who always shows so much love for her family. May you be blessed in the New Year! :)

  5. I know I said Happy Birthday on Facebook, but Happy Birthday again. I'm so glad I met you here - you are truly a blessing to me!
    I love the bracelet!


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