Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another busy Sunday

I have no picture that I took today but sure have seen this one floating around!!  It was one of those busy Sundays, church bible class and then getting ready for our church council Christmas party.  It is nice to have 3 pastors in our church so we can rotate many things between the families.  This year I did not host the party but we still bring things to help out. 

It was a Packer party.  If you watch any kind of sports you would hear the screaming in WI.  First, on Saturday our WI Badgers won and are going to the Rose Bowl.  And then ..... there are "our" Packers on a huge winning streak - 12 & 0.  So our Packer party was very exciting.  Lots of green and gold, screaming, jumping up and down, high fives, great food and great Christian fellowship with our church family.

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