Monday, November 28, 2011

CHRISTmas in our home

"Unto you a child is born..." CHRISTMAS - such an important time of the church year.  As we prepare our hearts for our Savior's birth.  Knowing that this small baby would take on the weight of our sins.  The suffering, pain, torture that he would take on for us.  Why? Because he loves us and he knew what was in store for him and did it willingly for us - because he loves us. 

The amazing Nativity sits on our mantel.  A man from our former congregation hand carved this for us. 

This was a wedding present from Joel's cousins.  One of the first things we put out.

Put this on the kitchen table and went with some different colors now that we changed the kitchen colors.
This project was under $10.  Container from Goodwill $2 and Christmas ornaments from Shopko 60% off - $6. 
Our tree is simple - red and gold ornaments and lots of these picture ornaments.  I put a new one on each year for Phil.  Fun to look at all of them and see the changes over the years.  His senior picture is his 2011 ornament.

May you prepare your hearts and remember the true meaning of Christmas as we wait for the birth of our Savior.


  1. I love this idea, LuAnn! I think I'm going to make that happen for our must be SO fun to pull them out every year and see the changes. Well, fun in a bittersweet sort of way. :)

  2. It all looks nice! I love the glass vase with ornaments in it. We have some pictures of our kids on the tree too, and it really is fun to look at those old ones.


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