Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pinterest #6

 I love to be able to do a project and have everything in my home for it.  Yes, I found this on Pinterest !!!

Plywood in the shed -

Burlap in the shed-I washed and ironed it.  Then Joel helped me with the staple gun and attached it to the plywood. Got the "G" off the computer and made my stencil.

I love buttons.

I love the way it turned out but the plywood piece is too big.  We will trim it down a bit and attach a piece of twine to the back to hang in the kitchen.


  1. I love it! Your are using Pinterest well!

  2. Love it, did you get that from me, or did I get that from you? Who knows, I love pinterest!

  3. Nice! Is there anything crafty you canNOT do? Can't wait to see the kitchen all finished...I'm sure it will look amazing!


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