Sunday, October 2, 2011

Homecoming Pictures - round 2

Love these three boys !

Phil and his date Steph.  This wonderful scenery is our neighbors backyard.  I think 3/4 of the senior class was there. 

This was the group of kids.  If you notice there are a few in tuxes and long dresses.  This is how our homecoming court dresses. 

This is Phil's 8th grade class.

This was the group of kids from his class that were there.  Most of them have been together since 1st grade. 

Back in the day these three use to fish in the boat in the little pond.

The moms.

After the pictures of bunch of senior parents went out for dinner. 


  1. fun,fun, fun!!!!! some one asked me last night how I was doing having a senior....I said "waaaaahhhhhh"!!! :)

  2. Those are great pictures! I loved seeing them when they were young.

  3. It took me a while to pick Phil out of the 8th grade picture, but I found him...with lots of hair!! :) You look so pretty among the moms. Love your tiered plate holder. So many uses for it! Hope you are well, my friend.


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