Friday, August 19, 2011


This is my "Last" first football game of the season. Another sport I really enjoy. People ask me which sport does Philip like the best. I would have to say he enjoys all of them but I think baseball would be #1. Love to see him using his God given talent on the field which ever sport he is playing. Tonight was a tough came - we lost to a good team but the boys never gave up. Highlight of the game - Phil scored the first touchdown. I love to see our parents school spirit.

Love that his dad does the stats and enjoy seeing them on the sidelines together. Also makes me a little jealous. But really.... if I was standing there I am thinking he wouldn't even want to play. But could you imagine the amazing pictures I could get that close up.

He also did some great kicking tonight. All around Joel and I are so proud of him. Watching him since 5th grade play this sport. The wins, the losses, the excitement, seeing the players coming together, supporting each other and being a team.

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  1. You and Joel are awesome parents! I know Philip appreciates your support in all the sports he is in.


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