Sunday, August 21, 2011

feeling a little like a pioneer

I talked with my SIL Jill yesterday and she was telling me how they do their canning outside. They use the base of the turkey deep fryer (we added our grill grate on top) and don't have the heat in the house. Our neighbors across the street were quite entertained as the peered out their windows. But then there is really nothing they miss that is going on our quite street of all 7 houses. But over the open flame it made me think of Little House on the Prairie, Ma & Pa, working together just like Joel and I were. All I need was my bonnet and long dress. But tat thought left me quickly. My shorts and t-shirt were fine in the heat. I canned 15 pints of dill slices. We can eat a jar for a snack. Guess I am saying we all love them.

Also made refrigerator dills. Love these because they keep until Christmas. Made a jar for my brother Kurt and his wife. They saved the jars for me.

So this time of year I get a little obsessed with canning. Love filling the jars, hearing the pop of the covers sealing and just knowing how we will be enjoying these goodies all winter.


  1. YUM! Have I ever mentioned that pickles are my FAVORITE!!! :o)

  2. I'm impressed! I've been a slacker lately, when it comes to canning.

  3. Why does it look like there is snow on the ground? Its a good feeling to be doing "pioneer" things. :)


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