Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacation... a little different this year

I have told you many times how Phil and Caleb have played ball together since 2nd grade. This was the end of 4th grade when they started to do traveling ball. They even had a senior picture taken together. (right below this one) These two boys came home Wednesday night with the biggest smiles on their faces and it just makes you wonder - doesn't it? They both got asked to play on a 19yr old Babe Ruth team. This team won the state championship and are headed to Kentucky for the nationals. The problem is several boys are not able to go. So the coach asked these two to fill in. They both know several boys who were a couple of years ahead of them at their high school.

So we listen to Phil's plea to be able to go. Everything is paid for, coach bus, one meal a day, and to be able to play at this level of ball would be amazing. Joel says what an opportunity for you. I ask when ? He tells us the bus leaves Friday at 7:00 a.m. Ummmm I think we are suppose to leave on vacation that morning also. Please, please, please.... I call the coach get some details. The other boys got $6,ooo in three days from area businesses to sponsor them. He just needs money for one meal a day and anything else. I thought a bit and I guess this would be amazing for you. But, it also hurts my heart that you will not be with us. Then he told us he would be back Tues or Wed and could join us for a few days. And Phil reminded me about the great vacation we had in June too.

People tell me when your son gets older he starts to pull away. And I really don't like it !!!!! And because I love him so much I want him to be able to do this. I am also not going to be taking him to meet the bus. I feel I really could make a fool out of myself and him. The hugs and crying. I will do that at home.

So yes, vacation will be very different this year. We will be in upper WI and Phil will be in Kentucky. And guess what?? I will have no pictures of him playing on this team.

This is our 8th year at our vacation spot. And we really do love it. Guessing Joel and I will be making some new memories as a couple. Makes me see how the future will be someday too.

Just the two of us :) And we will wait for Phil to come and carry on a few of our traditions too.

This is Phil the 1st year we went in 2004.

This is a picture from last year. My baby is growing up.


  1. GREAT, you made me cry!!! Where will they be playing? Hope you have a super vacation!

  2. I know how you feel - I remember when that started with us. I know you'll have fun, although you will miss him. And I know that this will be a great experience for Phil.
    This shows that you and Joel are great parents and are putting Phil first, as great parents do. :)

  3. I wonder if it's harder because he probably doesn't realize what he's doing - the pulling away. I know I didn't really get it. I was all excited to be out in the wide world & I know my mom suffered because of it. BUT it's the rhythm of life. You & Joel will have a great time - enjoy it!


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