Saturday, July 30, 2011

thank you Shelby !!!

Our friends from church stopped over this afternoon to share Shelby's senior picture proofs. This is another one of Phil's good friends since 1st grade. When she walked in the house and saw him she said you look dumb. Please see the next picture. When Phil came to is on Wednesday evening I have to say I did not care for his new haircut. Some kid from the team brought a razor and gave the boys mohawks. Now I know it is just hair but it really bothered me and just did not like it. Someone said if that is the worse thing he has done. Nice for you to say it is not your son. We told him it would be gone on Saturday evening. So when Shelby saw it she said get me the clippers. He has the top of his head covered but it all got taken off. Thanks for this Shelby - got done a little early than waiting for tonight. And I think it was a little different having his friend do it than me. I say great time to get a buzz when football starts on Wednesday.

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  1. I know it's just hair, but I would say Thank you Shelby too! Oh well - he probably had fun with it for a few days. :)


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