Thursday, June 16, 2011


State Champs - YES - Division 3 state champions for Wisconsin. It is an experience that our family will never forget. Also, the family that live out of state were able to watch the whole thing on the internet. Here are my parents and us with our state t-shirts on. Pardon the excess picture post but it could not be helped.

My mom and Joel's aunt holding a sign for our Internet relatives to see during the game.

After our 10-6 win !!!!

Receiving his medal.

The junior boys.

Then more fun. We had 50 cars meet at the mall as the bus pulled into town. We received a police escort to school with all intersections blocked off for them. Lots of yelling at honking of horns.

They got to school and there was about 200 people waiting for them.

Walked into the gym and the song "We are the Champions" was playing.

There was a little celebration ceremony honoring the team and their state championship. First baseball team in the history of the school to bring it home.

The fans.

And then when this was over we got into the car at 9:45 p.m. and drove 1100 miles to Boston.


  1. How exciting! That was GREAT!

  2. oh my gosh!!!! so exciting!!!!

  3. HOW EXCITING!!! CONGRATS TO THE TEAM!!! Y'all must be absolutely OVER THE MOON :)

  4. WooHoo! State Champions! I'm so happy for all of you.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pics! After looking at these pictures, Abbie and I looked at each other and said "why in the world didn't we go cheer phil and the team on!" ??? so not like us!!!!


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