Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taste of Home

Went to the Taste of Home Cooking School with mom and Dorene last night. If y0u love to cook/bake/ giggle/eat this is something you should try to go too. Check out theTaste of Home site by clicking on the link to see if there is a cooking school coming near you.

These first two pictures are out of order. First you check in and receive your bag of goodies from coupons, your cookbook for the show, sign-ups for free one yr subscription to one of their cooking magazines etc...... Then you check out the vendors and there great samples.

And you want to try to be first in line so when the doors open you get a great seat. And it is fun to visit with those around you too.

You find the best seat and get your pen and cookbook out.

And wait for it to start.

The host makes 8 different dishes. They gave away a door prize after each entree is made and they give away each dish with a beautiful plate.

Dorene left a little early and mom and I headed to the back so we could beat the rush. We never win anything anyway. And then they called my mom's name. She won the stuffed peppers and a dish. Sure glad we didn't leave.

Thanks for the laughs and fun Mom and Dorene !!!


  1. I can see that this was so much fun! How cool that your Mom won!

  2. that looks like a blast!!! How were the peppers?


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