Thursday, May 5, 2011

ranked #1 in state

I can not even express the excitement that Joel and I have. What a game !!!! I know this might be hard to understand but going in extra innings and playing a big rival (another Lutheran hs) I was shaking and felt a bit ill.
Below are the introductions before the game.

As the catcher Phil usually carries on conversations with the umps and sometimes there is laughing. We had to ask him what this was about. Phil had a question before batting on a play.

This picture is out of order. But this was the deal. We were in extra innings ties 3-3 bottom of the 9th. The picture below is the team coming in from the field. Little pep talk. We had our first batter get to 1st base and then a steal to 2nd. Then Phil was up - look at that determination on his face. Hit a fly ball to right and the guy on base moved to 3rd.

Next guy up bunted and we scored a run - winning 4-3. This was a make-up game from a rain out. Now we have to head to their field on Friday. Can you see the excitement these boys have from this important win?

We are now 11 & 0 and ranked number 1 in state. Proud of our boys with their team work and giving all the glory to their Lord !!!!


  1. What will you do when he graduates?? Nice to be there watching a VIP on the team...also nice that he can do conversation so easy!

  2. Yay! What an exciting game!


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