Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 80 - check your laundry over very carefully

So you fold the laundry, pass it to the correct person and once in awhile might get a sock inside a shirt or pants. You know how it goes.
Phil had his first baseball practice yesterday ( wore shorts because it was in the gym)
and put his shorts on. He realized that there was something stuck in the shorts. He pulled out a pair of my underwear and of course announced to the locker room what he found. A very embarressed mom. I will check the laundry much better, especially with Phil's clothes.


  1. oh wow. i'm speechless, lol.
    that is funny yet embarassing all at once. i'm so sorry, i always have fears of things like that happening to me.

  2. Hey! Where is the picture of YOUR underwear?!!! :) Thanks for the laugh!

  3. oh my word.....that is hilarious!!!! I think he will be checking his shorts better too!

  4. Hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh tonight. Glad Phil was able to laugh about it and not get embarrassed! (He saved that part for you)

  5. oh no!!! Too stinkin' funny!

  6. so, I saw that you commented on Lisa's Blog to look at YOUR Blog for more weather...so I did...and I was shocked with all the snow...AND then I read this post...with the underwear and I had to comment - even though you don't know me that you made my day! LOL! I will check my laundry all the time now.!!!!!


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