Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 37 - Super Bowl Champs !!!!!

It was a great day at our house with our Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl.
At times it was a little tense - see Joel's picture. I did a lot of texting back and forth with my sibilings. It was almost like we were together watching the game. Congratulations to "our" Packers !!!! What a great season.


  1. I was thinking of your family as I watched, since you guys are the biggest Packers fans I know! Glad it turned out so good!

  2. Great game!! I'm happy for you guys.

  3. WAHOOO!!!! I did a LOT of texting too! ;o) We should have "talked" ha ha!

  4. Celebrating with you!
    After all Mike is from Wisc. and younger son was born there.


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