Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23 - We are going the SUPER BOWL !!!

We are all little crazy about our Green Bay Packers.
We've got the clothes, hats, socks, dishes and they even sell
green and gold food items in the grocery store.
Cakes-cookies-chips-dips and all the clerks have jerseys on.
We text my siblings and nieces back and forth during the game too.
We love the game and our Green Bay Packers.
And did I mention - we are going to the SUPER BOWL !!!!


  1. I was doing something on-line the other day and I had to choose who I was rooting for - the Packers or the Bears. Since I don't follow football, I just thought of you and chose the Packers!

  2. i am with Mari, i don't have a favorite team, but i contemplated putting on some green and gold today just to show you that i was rooting for your team and posting it on my blog, hehe... i never got around to it, but i know you two are EXCITED! i am excited for you!

  3. From this Chicago girl, I say, "Good for you! Enjoy!" :)

  4. how exciting!! my husband would be so jealous. have a great time and enjoy the warm weather while you're down here. if it stays warm, that is. we never know what we're going to get here in Texas.


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