Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 263 - My friend's daughters homecoming

My friends daughter had her homecoming tonight.
I got to tag along and take some pics.
Emily is the one in pink!
Makes me excited for Phil's homecoming next weekend.


  1. so fun! Our homecoming is this coming Friday too! And Jason will come home for it! yea!

  2. Great week...those brownies look AWESOME!! hubby's team gets fed right after school before the game, but I am sure they wouldn't mind those goodies after the game! Love the perspective of the girls in their dresses...very pretty. We had our homecoming last night as well!

  3. What a beautiful pink dress!! Those bars, oh my gosh, look amazing. Not sure I want to play on a football team to get them though :) Bears or Packers??

  4. Part of me actually misses wearing formals for things like homecoming. (For some reason.)

    That's great y'all feed the football team home-cooked meals. Way to show your support!

    Okay. International Coffee Day. Where do people find out about all those kinds of days? I'm always the last to know, and there are lots of days I'd like to "appreciate," if only I knew when they were! Is there an official calendar of random, never-heard-of-it holidays? Online maybe? ;)

    Oh, yeah! And I love the hat you made. Very cute.

  5. Such pretty girls! I have such fun, great memories of Homecoming!

  6. Pretty girls! Will Phil dress up, or will he be in his uniform? Or am I just confused? At my school homecoming was the game with the homecoming court. I don’t think we had a dance…


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