Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 242- And we're off again

This was our 12th wedding since May 1st tonight.
Any questions on the dos and the don'ts
for weddings I would be glad to help out .


  1. Now that's a lot of weddings to attend. Your picture is very nice.

  2. good grief!!! you should be wedding'd out by now!!

  3. Good looking feet though! I would say that is enough weddings for awhile!

  4. Man - that's a lot of cake! Or am I the only one who obsesses about cake at weddings?

  5. Wow! 12 weddings you must know a lot of young people, err... I guess they don't exactly have to be young to get married so scratch that!

    Looks like a busy, busy week!

  6. Wow that is a lot of marital bliss!! I love football and can't wait to get to a game out here. Looks like a very busy week.

  7. wow..that is a lot of weddings. Great week in photos...I had cooked many a meals for my hubby's football players on Friday nights...pasta is always a great choice! The candle picture is very cool.


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