Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 225 - "I do"

22 years ago right about this time of day I said "I do."
To a man I new would be a loving christian husband.
And also a wonderful example to our children someday.
To a man who shows the meaning of being a faithful servant.
Who I love to listen too standing in the pulpit proclaiming the
gospel to me and our congregation.
I said I do to the man who was my friend for 5 years
before we even started dating.
Ans then it all happened one night in Chi Chis.
I fell in love with this man - my best friend.
I said I do to the man who loves sports as much as I do.
But sits in the bleachers with me very rarely because
he is on the sidelines either coaching or
taking stats for our sons team.
I said I do 22 years ago to a man who has been a
very supportive husband. Who has picked me up
when I have fallen down. Who had the encouraging words.
And prayed with me and let me know the Lord will
give me (us) the strength we need.
I said I do to a man who is very competitive whether
a family volleyball game, ladder golf or just cribbage.
He has taught me how to laugh at myself - even when I lose.
And I hate losing - especially to him in cards.
I married a man twenty two years ago
that I love & appreciate so much.
So MANY blessings ~
Happy Anniversary Joel !!!!


  1. Oh that's so sweet! You guys sound like a great couple. Our 20th is in December & we cannot play games together - we're too competitive. I don't think we'd have survived 20 years if we'd tried!

  2. happy annivesary! what sweet words!

  3. Happy Anniversary - you are blessed to have each other!

  4. happy anniversary to you both!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary. It's so great being married to your best friend. I know. I did the same thing. :)


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