Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 218 - Something new in the country

Tonight we went to an amazing new ice cream place - Kelley's Creamery. A farmer and his family built a new building in the middle of one of their fields. (see background) And the people -they just coming and coming. As we sat outside this place with our neighbors we thought of the movie - Field of Dreams - if you build it they will come. We heard that some waited 45 minutes in line for ice cream. Thanks for letting me take your picture Jordan.


  1. Mmm - that looks good! We have a Jersey Dairy that has pretty amazing ice cream - it started the same way & is now quite the enterprise.

  2. I love me some ice cream!!! yum!

    btw, the movie I saw was Inception...very good!!

  3. We have a small family run place like that around here. There's just something about home made ice cream isn't there.

  4. Can you guess why this is one of my favorites??? :) Diane


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