Friday, July 23, 2010

Days 198 - 205 vacation was GREAT !!!!

Left last Friday with two friends.
Joel and Phil were still at the youth rally.
Shopped and had lunch in Fish Creek.

I took them sailing and our steering bar feel apart.
Glad we were not from from shore.
Just sat here relaxing and talking.

Sunday was a rain day.
Reading and cribbage.

Monday we played our annual mini golf game.
Phil was the winner again.

Phil is enjoying taking pictures too.

O.k. this picture - well I was trying to take a timer
picture of the three of us, had the camera balancing
on a rock wall and well this is what we got.

One of our favorite places to shop and eat.

And Phil's favorite shop.
How many hats can one kid have.
He takes after his grandpa.

Lunch on the upper deck at Coopers.

Walked by the marina looking at the huge boats.
( I think they are called yachts)
Found Malibu Moos - what a treat.

They make me smile !!!

Tuesday was a great lake day - HOT.
Phil and his cousins out for a sail.

Christine and her fiance' Bobby watching the boys and soaking up the sun.

Wednesday we headed to our favorite place.
You can do pottery, glass work, jewlery etc.....

Phil decided on a bird house.

I did a jar w/ a lid.

Wednesday night we found a cool spot on the other side of the bay.
It was quite the deal carrying the tripod and camera across the boulders
to find the perfect spot for this picture.

And down the road for this one.

In the evenings we head to the rec center and play
many different games with a family from MN and TN.
This is squabble.
Thursday morning is family bingo.
Lots of bingos at this table.


  1. first off, your header photo is gorgeous!!!

    looks like a great vacation! The picture of phil with the snow cone is so funny!!! I love it!

    what could be better than a vacation that includes friends, family and fun!!

  2. What a fun vacation! You got some great shots, and it looks like lots of love and laughter was shared!

  3. What good memories and family time... and thanks for sharing it. You have such a talent with great looking shots... a real artist's eye, LuAnn! Talk to you soon! Diane


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