Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 183 - Can you say "relaxing"?

Our neighbor John has been working hard on this waterfall for quite awhile. Tonight we got invited over to see how the lights looks at night. Listening to that water is sooooo relaxing!!


  1. That is beautiful, and the sound of splashing water is so relaxing!

  2. Thanks, LuAnn! We always enjoy our time with you and Joel! Diane

  3. I. WANT. it. (I can just imagine how serene one would feel sitting out there listening to that water. Ahhh...)

    Love hibiscus.

    I am not believing you did all those cookies!! Amazing detail!!! I would have lost patience after two! (I'm so not good with cake/cookies decorating.)

  4. wow. they did a great job. we have a friend who has one in their back is nice listening to the water!

  5. Beautiful! I'm not a fan of most water features because they end up looking rather cheesy, but this is GORGEOUS! Tell your neighbor they did a great job :D

  6. Beautiful!! Hopefully you'll be invited over more! :)


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