Friday, May 7, 2010

What a WHIRL Wind !!!!!

This is the beginning of our 6 day journey of craziness - but so much fun too!! It started last Friday. We got to Algoma - Joel was doing a wedding here. Saturday a.m. before the wedding we went to some of our favorite places. The docks of Sturgeon Bay.

Then we headed to Cave Point and did some hiking. That water is the waves crashing into the cave.

Lake Michigan and Joel.
Joel and the groom - Kurt.
Joel coached him in grade school.

These three are siblings.

After the wedding we headed
to a 90th birthday party.

Sunday Phil and I got Joel to the airport
for his flight to Phoenix.
Then we went to my parents for
my dad's 75th birthday.

And of course these two little ones were there too.

Monday I headed to MN to stay with
my brother and his wife.
Jane and I enjoyed a good cup
of coffee the next morning.
After breakfast headed to the new city
where Joel's parents were moving.
My two nieces happen to go to
college there. We got to go out for lunch.
Had lots of fun!!!
Alyssa had to go back to class so
Katie an I did a little shopping.
It was a wristlet day.
I got one for each of them and
myself - love it !!!

I surprised this niece and nephew -
I was waiting for them after school.
Finally - 1700 miles later Joel came around
the corner with his parents following,
pulling up to his sister's house.
And he was still smiling.

Wednesday morning we started to unload.

Joel's dad is smiling - I think because the
truck is almost empty.
My brother came and helped us.

So over 6 days Joel and I traveled about 2800 miles.
I of course didn't have near the miles he did.
We left MN and were so happy
It is great to see so much family
but also soooo good to be home.
And did our own bed ever feel good.


  1. wow, that was a whirlwind trip!!! But looks like it was filled with lots of family time!!

  2. Crazy! But its great when you can catch that many family in the same trip. Does that mean you lost your AZ destination?

  3. you must be worn out...
    nothing feels better than your own bed after a working week like that!

  4. I think you earn some extra points for miles traveled this week! Glad everything went well though and that you were able to see so many people! Love the wristlet fun!

  5. Crazy week is right! But so much fun to see so many relatives -- and get a little shopping in :-) Enjoyed seeing your "journey" in photos!

    Have a wonderful week.

  6. WOW what a trip. Sounds like you had a great time! Nothing is as good as your own bed. I have always wanted to visit Door County... maybe soon.

  7. Oh my stars at the week you had!

    That wedding picture of those three from the back is just precious!

    Great pictures tis week. You must be exhausted form all the activity!

    Blessing and I hope you get some rest this week!

  8. Whew, I'm tired just reading about your week! You packed a lot in there. Thanks for sharing it all with us. It looked like it was a lot of fun.

  9. A whole lot going on in your life!
    I don't think life ever slows down.
    Great photos--weddings, birthdays, travel, family, coffee...these are a few of my favorite things...(sing it :-)

  10. wow, that WAS a whirlwind! glad you still have the energy for it all, what a blessing!

  11. Busy busy busy! Just looking at your pics made me out of breath. lol I know how miles can wear a body out! Glad you had time with people you love though.


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