Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 85 - Not quite right :(

O.k. today I had a hair appointment. My hair was the longest I had it in awhile. The sides were past my chin. I took a picture in to my stylist. Quite a cute new do. Well guess what I do not look like the picture - no where close. Then I color my own hair and was trying to save a few bucks and got a new color. WRONG !!!! Way too red - so I will have to fix that tomorrow and try to figure out how to style this. Oh look at day 82 and you see my length.


  1. I like the cut AND the color! You look really great! Give yourself a couple days to get used to the "new you" :-)

  2. very cute and I don't think that it is too least not in the picture!

  3. I think it looks good. Young and fresh!!

  4. Me three - I like it! Although I like the color on the box you had in the next post too.


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