Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 63

We had our 2nd playoff game tonight. It was sooooo exciting.
Lots of cheering, lots of blue and a great game.
It went into overtime and we won.
We play again on Saturday.
Now check out the next picture. This woman was sitting behind us reading a book.
Are you kidding me????
So I pretended to take a picture of my
friend so I could get this shot.
She does not know what she missed.


  1. HAHA, that is hilarious! i have done this before, when i wanted a photo and didn't want someone to know. you are too funny! congrats on the WIN! how exciting!!!

  2. Go Phil!

    cracking up because I've totally done the sneak picture too. :o)

  3. oh my gosh that is so funny!!! way to sneak a picture!!!!

    Congrats to the team!!!

  4. Debbie McFarlaneMarch 5, 2010 at 1:12 PM

    HA HA! Great picture of "your friend". Very, very funny! AND - I thought you were taking a picture of ME!!

  5. You are so funny! What a way to get a shot.
    Congrats on the win!

  6. We have a woman (coaches wife no less) who reads a book at every single game, no matter if it's a blow-out, or goes into double OT. I don't get how you can do that!?!?!

  7. That is so funny! Obviously the team did great without her cheering (or paying attention for that matter)

  8. Very funny. You should have asked her what she was reading...always good to have book recommendations.

    The photos from the games are great! Looks like it was so exciting.

    I laughed when I read you ate dinner at 4...hey...why not!

  9. Now, i could be accused of taking my knitting places(even to evening church!) because I can listen at the same time. But, hey, that would be impossible at such an exciting game!


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