Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40

Philip had a snow day today.
So I called him and explained
over the phone how to get
this chicken ready for roasting.
The girls at work were all laughing
escpecially when I told him about the
plastic bag that needed to be removed.
It tasted great!!


  1. Good for Philip - it's a good thing for him to learn!

  2. love to see our boys in the kitchen!!!

  3. this isn't so bad for a food picture! i just made sure that i looked at Phil's great smile and forgot all about the chicken....ha! thanks for your support LuAnn, i am gonna need it :D

  4. This is the week for sons to cook dinner! :)

  5. You're training him well!
    Way to go Chef Phil!

  6. Make sure his girlfriend gets a copy of that picture! His heart cookies turned out great, too.

    Oh, I'd love to see Rachael and Si. I feel like I know them and he is just too cute for words.


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