Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 - January 13th

Said "Good-bye" to my old film camera today.
We have a college student from church taking
a photography class this semester -
so glad he could use this.
I can't even imagine using film again.


  1. that is a great use for an old camera!!!

    I with you on the film!

  2. I have an old film camera too, and I can't see throwing it, but I can't imagine using it either!

  3. I still have my SLR film camera. I actually still have some film left, but the battery in the camera is dead and it cost about $15.00 for a new one!!! Too bad, because I would love to use my macro lens again. :)

  4. I mentioned "film" to my daughter a little whole back and she gave me this completely blank look...there's a whole generation growing up now that have no idea what it means! :-o

  5. I hope you are enjoying your new camera as much as I am mine ... cause I am in LOVE!

  6. I couldn't imagine going back to a film camera for anything now! I love my digital.


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