Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 363 - Cheese Please

Do you need some cheese? The members of our congregation are very generous to us at Christmas. We receive cookies, candies, gift cards to grocery stores and restaurants, money and of course cheese, sausage and crackers. This is Wisconsin. I am thankful for all the gifts we receive we have a very loving congregation. And they keep us well stocked with cheese.


  1. I like the new look! My husband would be thrilled with that cheese - he loves cheese!

  2. looks like you will be freezing some cheese! my grandpa used to keep us well stocked with cheese when he was alive, and i always remember having to let it thaw out for a few days since we had more than we could eat....what a nice church family you have!!!

  3. CHEESE!!!! (WI -- of course!)
    Please send to 55909.

  4. You do live in the uddermost part of the earth, so what do you expect? Ha!
    Well, anyway, that is an udderly ridiculous amount of cheese, so feel free to ship some further south. Ha!
    When we visit family in Wisc. we like to stop and pick up cheese curds, fresh ones, squeaky-yummy!


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