Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 324 - Wonderful !!!

Tonight was Advent by Candlelight.
Some of you asked to see how the glass
candle holders look lit.
This picture does not capture it at all.
You will have to try it yourself
and see.
These are a few of my guests.Here is our table.
The theme was
"The 12 days of Christmas
The Truth Revealed."
If you want to
see what it is all about check
out the other blog and I will
It was a wonderful evening of
eating dessert, singing hymns,
reading scripture together
and the fellowship with
150 ladies.


  1. what a wonderful evening!!

    your table was beautiful!

  2. I see lots of smiles! I know you all had fun.

  3. Beautiful photo of happy faces and a lovely table setting. However, I must admit that I basically zeroed on that dish of M&Ms...

  4. What a great way to begin the season!


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