Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 319 - Toasty

We had the first fire in the fireplace tonight.
I love the crackiling noise, the smell and the warmth.


  1. I would love a fire right now. This time of year, I am always cold! Your picture looks so inviting, I can almost hear the crackle!

  2. that is a beautiful picture!! I love fires too, however, we don't get cold enough to have one very often. So I guess I will enjoy looking at yours!

  3. Enjoy looking at your photo of the fireplace. Wouldn't so much want to be in front of one right now :-) It's still morning and so hot I'm sitting right in front of the fan and still sweating. Ugh

  4. I wish we had a fireplace. My parents have one and I miss sitting by it when I was younger.


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