Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 300 - Happy 70th Mom !!!

I know this is suppose to be a picture a day but I have a few more for today.
My mom's birthday is today but
last Sunday we celebrated.
It was so nice outside we decided to put the old clothes on and rake.
The guys watched the Packer game.
This is my mom and sister Dorene. My mom and I love lemon things - I made her
a lemon cheesecake.

My parents

Phil and Grandma

Grandma with Levi and Leah.

Mom- I love you so much - thank you for being the example of
the Christian wife, mother, grandma and servant to the
Lord. And your love of being in the kitchen.
There are many more and I could go on .......
Thank you for being you and for all your love and support over the years.

I attempted something kinda fun for my mom this week.
I tried to contact 70 people she knew and asked them
if they could send her a birthday card some time this week.
As of today I believe she is at 37.


  1. Happy birthday to your mom! what a great idea about the friends!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I love the card idea. She looks younger than 70.

  3. Sweet. You, your mom and your sister look so much alike! Raking IS hard work, but it sure is nice to be out in the fresh air. I really like the clock you chose. Good 'ole TJ Maxx!

  4. Lovely mom/grandma.
    Sobering to think I am 5 years away from 70.
    I have not seen my middle name spelled exactly the same before.

  5. Your mother is a very lovely lady. We are Vikings fans here, so I'm guessing they didn't like the outcome of the game as much as we did. :)


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