Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 294 - Parents Night

Parents night tonight - can you see the fog behind us.
We couldn't even see the ball.Phil with his bud Jim and Jim's sisters Katie and Megan.


  1. i didn't know that Phil had sisters, lol. so he is the baby of the family? these are great photos, and you are right...lots of fog!

  2. Yes, it is foggy! Nice picture of you guys though, even if the background is foggy!

  3. i see now that i read that wrong, those are Jim's sisters. ok, i must have been tired when i read that. sorry!

  4. Phil really favors you in that picture! Yes, you have every right to brag on your son...what are blogs for? :) Four touchdowns is must have been hoarse from cheering.

    The little sitting area is cute.

  5. did they play in that dense of fog? I'm guessing there weren't many long passes..ha.


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