Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 292 - Final JV Game

This was Phil's final JV game tonight. He will continue to play on Varsity so football is not totally done at our house. Here they are in the final huddle before the game starts. It was very exciting. Double overtime - and we lost by a touchdown - Oh -well - what a great game.
Can I brag just a little? Phil had 4 touch downs last night. There is my boy #25. We are very proud of him the way he uses his God-given talents and gives "HIM" all the Glory!!!!!!


  1. please do brag on him! 4 touchdowns is definately something to brag about! that's awesome!

  2. Darla's right - that's something to brag about! Glad he had a great season.

  3. wow! 4 touch downs.....tell your boy congrats!!!

  4. That is great! Keep posting about his games. I always like to hear about family functions.

  5. Even when they lose great games are so worth watching!


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