Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 290 - Two Down - One to Go

We have two ugly pine trees down and one left.
Wish I could share this wood.
Everyone I ask has a gas fireplace.
But that is o.k. we will have a toasty family room
And someone had a question about yesterdays picture.
The temp was 25 - brrrrrrr.
I love football !!!! :)


  1. If we weren't 6000 or so miles away, I'd take some of that wood off your hands :-) We heat the house in Sta. Rosa with wood.

    Wonderful photos this week. Phil and Mary look adorable :-)

  2. This wood warms you twice - once while cutting it and once when burning it!

  3. oh good, now you can stay warm. too bad you can't make a fire at the football games!


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